I’ve more reason than most to thank you; because I’m sorry to report that I had to call upon your recovery services on two separate occasions. I’ve only recently acquired my MG and whilst one does expect some teething troubles with a car of this age, I genuinely believed my car to be in pretty good shape at the start of the week. Regrettably that was not the case, but my problems were significantly reduced by the availability your excellent recovery service.


Roger Tushingham

I have fully comp car insurance which includes car roadside assistance. I was in Dublin Yesterday with my daughter and my car wouldn't start. Phoned the relevant number and the call was answered immediately by a very helpful person. The car recovery guy phoned me about 10 minutes later and arrived with me after about 5 minutes and had my car going in minutes.

Just wanted to say an excellent service.

Thank you.


Philip, Dublin

I wanted to email you in relation to the MIS Breakdown service I used on Sunday evening. I am living in Ennis Co Clare and was travelling from Mallow back to Ennis. Unfortunately half way through the journey my car started to chug. This had never happened before but it was definitely not safe for me to continue my journey so I had no option but to pull in on the dual carriageway somewhere outside Limerick. In the car with me were my two daughters, my youngest only 5 weeks old.

I contacted the breakdown service and spoke to your agent Corinne.. At this point I was beginning to feel quite stressed as it was 8pm, there was very little traffic on the road, my 5 week old would be due a feed within the hour and I was still probably an hour from home. I was on a part of the road I was not very familiar with and besides a closed machinery building there was nothing but fields and fields and fields.

Corinne was brilliant! She was very professional, sympathised with the situation, and stated that she would try and get the breakdown prioritised as there were 2 children with me. This really put my mind at ease as I had visions of being stuck on the side of the road for anything up to 2 hours, especially on a bank holiday. Low and behold 17 minutes from when I dialled MIS the recovery truck pulled up and saved the day! His name was Damien and he was fantastic!


Ennis, Co. Claire