Why Choose Lifestyle

Life Assurance

Level term assurance - to help protect your family

Preferential rates for individuals under 55

Immediate access to Best Doctors

A rebate of your first 6 months premiums after the first year.

Lifestyle Life Insurance

Life Assurance is essential if you have dependents, such as a spouse or children, who would need financial support if you were to die unexpectedly, you may also have a requirement to clear any debts such as your mortgage etc.

The Lifestyle Term Assurance contract is a value for money policy that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and provides preferential rates for individuals under 55.


Lifestyle Policyholders and their immediate family also benefit from access to Best Doctors, a network of world leading experts in their field, to obtain a second opinion for almost any worrying medical condition, from eczema and migraines to Heart disease and strokes.


Once premiums have been paid for the first year you will be entitled to a cash-back rebate of your first 6 months premiums. This will be paid directly to you by Lifestyle.


Any quotes you receive from this web site are from Ageas Protect only and we do not provide quotations for individuals over 55.