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Home Insurance

Northern Ireland based claims service

24 hour emergency helpline

Family legal Expenses & Identity Theft as standard

Home Start Breakdown Cover

Great value NI Home Insurance

The Lifestyle Insurances NI Home Insurance contract is a value for money policy based on the number of bedrooms in your property. It automatically provides cover against financial loss in the event a specified peril occurs to your buildings and contents with accidental damage available as an option. With a local administration and claims team on hand you can enjoy peace of mind with your home insurance.


Key Benefits

Contents are 20% of Buildings sum insured: up to £50,000

Home Start Breakdown Cover: Breakdown assistance at your home

Optional Benefits: Accidential Damage cover for buildings and contents

Building sum assured: Up To £500,000

Valuables: 20% of the contents sum asured - single article limit £1,000

Family Legal Expenses: Consumer disputes, Personal injury, Home rights

Identity Theft: Safeguarding your identity and covering reasonable legal expenses

Home Insurance Cover Assumptions

The property is:

  • in an area free from flooding and is not within 100 metres of any property or development, which has flooded or located at least 100 metres from, any river, seafront, estuary or watercourse.
  • an area free from subsidence and is not within 200 metres of any property or development, which has been subject to subsidence.
  • maintained in a good state of repair, built after 1919 and not under construction, renovation, restoration or extension.
  • of standard construction and if it has a flat roof it is no more than 75% of the total roof area covered.
  • protected by a mortise deadlock or deadlocking rim latches and all French doors, patio doors and accessible windows are fitted with appropriate security locks.
  • occupied solely by your client or their family as the principle residence, for residential purposes only and not used for business.
  • not left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days at any one time.

You nor any member of your family has:

  • not suffered any loss or claim during the last 2 years from any of the events you wish to insure whether insured or not (only that disclosed on the quotation).
  • ever had a proposal for insurance declined, renewal refused, cover terminated or special term or conditions imposed by any insurer.
  • ever been convicted of, or have any prosecution pending for any criminal offence (other than minor driver offences).
  • You accept that you do not require cover for pedal cycles.

About the cover:

  • You accept that this is a Bedrooms Rated Policy and the buildings/contents sum assured are fixed.
  • You accept the most we will pay for valuables located within the home is 20% of the contents sum insured.
  • You accept that the most we will pay for any single article value is £1000