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Accidental Damage Cover

Theft & Loss Cover

Liquid Damage Cover

Low Policy excess

Worldwide Cover

Lifestyle Gadget & Phone insurance

Our dependency on our mobile phones & gadgets continues to grow unabated, that’s why Lifestyle Insurances have created an affordable solution for all your needs.

With Lifestyle gadget and phone insurance we provide you with complete “peace of mind“ and include worldwide cover and theft as standard.


Key Benefits

Accidental Damage: We will pay the costs of repairing your electronic equipment and we even cover minor screen cracks

Theft: We will replace your electronic equipment if it is stolen

Loss: If you lose your electronic equipment we will replace it with a replacement item

Worldwide cover: We will cover the use of your electronic equipment anywhere in the world for up to 90 days

Unauthorised Calls: We will pay up to £100 for any unauthorised calls when your electronic equipment has been lost or stolen

Liquid damage: We will repair or replace you electronic equipment if it comes in contact with any liquid

Low policy excess: The policy excess is £50 (terms and conditions apply –the electrical equipment must be less than 12 months old at the commencement date of the insurance)