Breakdown Recovery Insurance - Terms & Conditions

This contract is designed to meet your requirements in the event that you require roadside assistance or legal expenses insurance cover following a breakdown or a road traffic accident.

There are three separate sections to this policy, with the MIS rescue providing assistance following either an electrical or mechanical failure to your vehicle or that it has been involved in an accident.

The additional sections if purchased provide home start assistance and with recovery plus onward transportation of your vehicle within Ireland.

Making a claim

To obtain assistance under this policy you should check the policy schedule to ensure the incident is covered by your policy. Thereafter, please contact the emergency numbers listed and provide the following:

  • The nature of the emergency
  • Your name and Address
  • Your policy number from the insurance schedule
  • Your exact location

The schedule will confirm which benefits you are entitled to.

No benefits shall be payable unless Lifestyle Insurances Northern Ireland Ltd has been notified and has authorised assistance through the medium of the emergency number provided.

If you move Home or change your vehicle

You are responsible for informing Lifestyle Insurances Northern Ireland of a change of Address so that cover can be provided under the home start option, likewise if you change your vehicle you must advise Lifestyle Insurances Northern Ireland of the new registration number.

Important Information

The annual cover on your breakdown policy consists of three separate call outs in a 12 month period. No assistance will be provided for the same incident within 28 days. If the vehicle is already in a place of repair no assistance will be provided.

Cover is in force 24 hours after purchasing the policy unless instant cover is selected and purchased and the car must be in a roadworthy condition with a valid MOT or equivalent prior to assistance.


  • The benefits of this policy are restricted to private cars, private cars modified for commercial use and commercial vehicles up to a full laden weight of 3.5 tonnes.
  • *Is serviced, maintained and operated according to the manufacturers handbook and hold a valid MOT/NCT certificate if applicable.
  • *If the vehicle is towing a caravan, the recovery assistance will only apply to the vehicle, not the caravan, trailer or any domestic pets or livestock you may be carrying.
  • *The benefits of this contract apply to the vehicle whose registration number is allocated to the policy schedule.

How can I complain?

If you have a complaint, please phone or write to Lifestyle Insurances Northern Ireland directly. Every effort will be made to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction. If your complaint relates to the insurance cover provided under this policy and it is not resolved to your satisfaction, then you may have the right to report the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. We will give you information about reporting your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you remain dissatisfied. If your complaint relates to the provision of the Breakdown recovery .Under this policy, you will not have the right to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

How can I complain?

The information you provide us during the quote process will form the basis of the contract.