Breakdown Recovery - Policy Summary

What is covered?

Lifestyle Breakdown and Motor Legal Expenses Cover is designed to provide assistance in the event your vehicle is immobilised as a result of an electrical or mechanical failure of if you have been involved in an accident and in the event you are involved in a non fault accident, the benefits of a replacement vehicle and legal representation to recover your uninsured losses and any personal injury claim.

The limit of liability payable under this policy is detailed in your policy schedule.

The annual cover on the Breakdown contract consists of three separate recoveries in a 12 month period. There is no cover for the same incident in a 28 day period. If the vehicle is already in a place of repair, no assistance can be provided.

The policy is to cover the vehicle specified. Domestic pets, livestock and trailers are not included in the definition of the vehicle.

There are Three Separate Sections to the Contract:


Following an incident at least 1/4 mile from either the policyholder’s home address or the place where the vehicle is usually kept, we will:

  • Arrange for roadside assistance and if the recovery agent cannot fix your vehicle. It will be taken to the nearest garage, other local repairer, or to a destination of your choice provided it is no more than 20 miles from the incident.
  • If you suffer a puncture whilst driving we will assist with the replacement of your wheel provided you have a suitable replacement with the vehicle.
  • If your keys are lost or locked in the vehicle, we will take your vehicle to the nearest secure premises while endeavours are made to access the vehicle or obtain alternative keys.
  • In the event you vehicle is immobilized due to a fuel shortage or the wrong fuel is used, we will transport your vehicle to the nearest petrol station or garage to remedy the cause.
  • The recovery of your uninsured losses resulting from a road traffic accident in the insured vehicle, the provision of a replacement car and legal professional fees incurred in pursuit of your claim against an identifiable third party.

Rescue Plus

The benefits under Rescue plus Home Start:

  • Arrange for roadside assistance and if the recovery agent cannot fix your vehicle. It will be taken to the nearest garage, other local repairer, or to a destination of your choice provided it is no more than 20 miles from the incident.
  • If your vehicle breaks down at your home address, we will arrange for home start assistance. When a repair cannot be made at the home address, we will arrange for the removal of the vehicle to the nearest garage or another destination of your choice, provided the location is no greater distance from the garage and subject to the 20 miles restriction.
  • The service is only provided if the vehicle was in a roadworthy condition prior to the incident.

Recovery Plus

The benefits under Rescue Plus along with Onward Transportation

If it is apparent that repairs cannot be affected by the repairer by the end of the working day, or if the vehicle has been stolen and is not recovered in a roadworthy condition the same day, we will arrange for your choice of:

A replacement vehicle subject to availability for up to 48 hours.



rnight accommodation and breakfast in a local hotel whilst you await for the repairs to be completed up to the value of £175. The incident must have occurred more than 60 miles from your home and any other meals, drinks or costs remain you responsibility.


A refund of reasonable public transport costs up to a maximum of £125 per vehicle plus The unaccompanied recovery of your vehicle to your destination within Ireland, Onward Transportation is NOT available within Great Britain. The other options above are mutually exclusive and will not be provided when your vehicle can be repaired locally on the same day. You must choose which service is required at the time of the Recovery Plus service being required. Every endeavour will be made to recover your vehicle as soon as possible, however this service will not normally be provided on the day of the call out

Instant Cover

you happen to breakdown and you don't have our cover you can avail of the instant cover option. By selecting this you can be assisted immediately up to the level of rescue plus. In addition to this, you will then be one of our members and have two more breakdown assists for the rest of the year at the rescue plus level.

Mainland European Emergency Cover Cash Benefit

In the event your vehicle suffers an electrical or mechanical breakdown in mainland Europe, the police, when contacted by you will usually arrange for a suitable recovery agent to assist you. You will usually be asked to settle the bill at the time of the recovery. To avail of the benefits under this section, retain the invoice and forward same with a brief description of the incident to ourselves. Please note the maximum we will pay under this section is €250 or equivalent.